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Beauty is a force for good both in the UK and globally.

£14.2 billion last year, that is what we spent in Britain on Beauty. We love our beauty fix, whether it is a spa getaway or a weekly hair, nail, lash or injectable treatment, the figures speak volumes, and it seems we just can't get enough.

In the quest for perfection, we ask you to consider, are you researching those products, treatments and services the safe way?

Our latest news section is dedicated to delivering you daily reports on the latest news, reviews and views across all service sectors of the beauty industry, from the latest launches, stories of human interest and reviews of products and treatments.  If you are looking to locate safe providers of treatments and services, you can also view our latest trusted professionals that join our directory.

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Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) – Excludes beauty therapists from carrying out injectable treatments
Scottish Medical Aesthetic Professionals warned to register before October 1st or face £5k fine and 3 months prison

The Safety in Beauty Diamond Award Winners 2018

IMAGE Skincare sponsors SIB Awards 2018 Best Beauty Professional

Aztec Services to Sponsor Innovation & Pioneering Award 2018
CACI For Men – Safe Treatments for The Newbie Metrosexual

Safety In beauty slams the beauty ‘rogues’ conning free aesthetic training
Pabau Sponsors Outstanding Career at Diamond Awards

Safety In Beauty Attends The 25th DHI Annual Masters Meeting in Athens

Thousands of British Women With Crippling Foot Problems Caused by Wrong Shoe Sizes

Kourtney Kardashian Lobbying for Clean Beauty
Diamond Awards Finalist in The Press: Jan Birch

Safety in Beauty challenges Church Pharmacy to take part in newly launched #FaceTheFacts Campaign
Totally Derma Sponsor Beauty Business of The Year Award at Diamond Awards 2018

Cosmetic Insure Sponsor Cosmetic Surgeon of The Year Award at Diamond Awards 2018

Nip, Tuck or Fill: 31% of Brits are interested in having cosmetic surgery in the future

Aesthetic Nurse warns of celebrity ‘Blow Up Doll’ curse!
Safety In Beauty Awards 2018 Announces Charity Partner

13 Korean K-Beauty Products Recalled for Toxic Ingredients
The average Brit has 783 images saved on their phone – but HATES 75 percent of them

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