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Beauty is a force for good both in the UK and globally.

£14.2 billion last year, that is what we spent in Britain on Beauty. We love our beauty fix, whether it is a spa getaway or a weekly hair, nail, lash or injectable treatment, the figures speak volumes, and it seems we just can't get enough.

In the quest for perfection, we ask you to consider, are you researching those products, treatments and services the safe way?

Our beauty news section is dedicated to delivering you daily reports on the latest news, reviews and views across all service sectors of the beauty industry, from the latest launches, the must have cult brand favourites, right through to the eye opening stories of real botched beauty experiences, shared by brave victims in a bid to help to create awareness of safety.

Our passion is your safety and we’re dedicated to safely inspiring beauty.

Watch this space for daily updates, news, and more….

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