SCCS says micron sized sized silver in cosmetics is “safe”

SCCS says micron sized sized silver in cosmetics is “safe”

10 Jul 2024 -The Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) gave its final opinion on the use of micron-sized silver in cosmetics. The use was deemed safe according to the (SCCS) but only in certain specified amounts.

“The use of micron-sized particulate silver in eye shadow and oral exposure products (lip balm, toothpaste and mouthwash) at concentrations mentioned in Section 3.5 is considered safe, either used alone or in combination,” it announced.

The SCCS stated that micron-sized silver is toxic for reproduction category 2. “We consider micron-sized particulate silver not safe at concentrations up to 0.2% in rinse-off and 0.3% in leave-on cosmetic products when used alone or in combination.”

The committee follows ECHA’s classification of silver as a category 2 reproductive toxicant for adverse effects on sexual function and fertility. It determined that silver metal powder is not irritating to the skin or eyes. The risk of sensitization from silver exposure is considered negligible.

The SCCS did not evaluate inhalation exposure from products like “face refresh spray” and deodorant spray, as the margin of safety data provided was deemed unsafe for these categories.

The committee based its evaluation on exposure to silver ions, excluding nano Silver particles due to differing physicochemical characteristics and toxicological profiles. The particles evaluated are not classified as nanomaterials.

The SCCS agreed with ECHA that no classification for mutagenicity is “warranted.” Silver ion genotoxicity studies have been inconclusive, and the SCCS is unconcerned about human risk due to the low concentrations of silver in cosmetics. There is no proposed carcinogenicity classification because the data is inconclusive.

Credit: Personal Care Insights

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