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Welcome to The Safety in Beauty Directory. To locate a professional or find a service, please hover your mouse or finger over a location on our interactive map, and click or tap to locate a business. You can also enter your postcode and we will find services for you in your area, automatically.

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Quality Check and Assurance

Safety is paramount to us, therefore all of our listed service providers, have passed a stringent quality criteria check-list with us, we only partner with with like-minded professionals and businesses, that place your safety and wellbeing at the core of their ethos and business values. We investigate any complaints you make against any of our listed clinics and professionals and if necessary we will take action to remove them if we receive multiple complaints.

We check:

  • Training & qualifications
  • Licence for premises
  • Insurance policies
  • Customer/patient after care policies
  • Emergency protocols and contact details
  • Membership/accreditation of relevant industry associations
  • Evidence of continuous professional development
  • References

All of our listed service providers on our directory must have also passed an additional in-depth review to ensure they are Covid-19 safe by our organisation, ensuring you have greater peace of mind in your selection.

Along with our own 45 point health and safety checklist, we have also advocated that our service providers undertake strict adherence to any guidelines from their own governing bodies and organisations, from the Government, and from CAPSCO.

Do Your Research

Please be safe! you need to do your research first when choosing an aesthetic, personal care, or beauty service provider, we advise you to attend a consultation prior to deciding if the clinic or service provider is suitable to carry out your treatment. Check our beauty news page for frequently posted articles and tips on shopping for safe beauty, and to see the latest members of our Safety in Beauty Trusted Professional Directory.

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