Fixing Your DIY Botched Eyebrows

We have all done it, got a little tweezer happy, booked an appointment with a less than conservative therapist and have been left with pencil lines for eyebrows and wondered why we ever messed with them in the first place. The emphasis on beautiful brows is arguably at it’s peak and whether you have botched a home made attempt or succumbed to a dodgy therapists’ plucking misdemeanot, there are some solutions to minimize the stress of sorting out your brows:

  1. Grow them back
    In the most severe cases it can take around 4 months to grow back your natural brows, but typically you can expect growth in around four weeks. In this time, try not to tweeze or you may risk getting carried away again. Wait as long as you can and then, once you think you have a good growth, seek a reputable salon to shape them properly.
  2. Don’t use a magnifying mirror to magnify the problem
    Stop analyzing and leave well alone. You might feel like the world and his wife can see your tiny brow hairs sprouting their appearance, but in all sincereity they can’t. Resist the magnifying glass as it will only magnify the issue in your mind. If you need to, use a small amount of foundation and powder to conceal. Resist the urge to use a magnifying mirror to analyse your brows – it will only lead to over-tweezing.
  3. Disguise rogue hairs
    Filling in the brow is fine for the time being (you can always try HD Brows range of pencils and shadows for a more full and shapely brow) but don’t pluck the hairs that are growing outside of the shape you fill. Use some concealer to cover the tiny hairs but don’t go crazy as it can look cakey if you over do it.
  4. Brush and groom
    Brush the brows when you fill them in. Before and after is the best protocol. This will give a much more natural look (the 60s Twiggy look really is out) and leaving them un-brushed will only make them look more uneven. Use a pencil or powder to fake some wispy lines in the gaps where the hairs are not yet visible or may not be as thick. This is a much more natural tecnnique to use, rather than colouring in and leaving you with block caterpillar brows.
  5. Maintenance is key
    Once your brows are back, it is important to maintain the shape and condition of them between therapist appointments. There are several brow conditioners on the market (most of which look like clear mascara) and Revitalash have also developed an advanced brow serum to speed up the growing process and to condition the hairs.

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