How to find a safe nail salon

how to choose a safe nail bar safety inbeauty

That once or twice monthly visit to your local nail bar can mean a welcome break from a busy and hectic life, heavy workloads and demanding families. In the hour that you give your paws over to your therapist you can switch off and let someone else do the work.

However, have you ever considered what might be going on behind the scenes (or within the cuticle clippers?)

Each year thousands of women open themselves up to poor sanitation practices within less than reputable salons and the results can be fungal infections and bacterial diseases right under our finger tips.

Here are some helpful tips when choosing a safe and reputable establishment to pamper your pinkies

  • Make sure the salon has online presence. This way you can read any reviews and check the salons’ protocols before booking an appointment.
  • Check the disinfection protocols of the salon.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask how they sterilize their instruments. Both autoclave and liquid sterilisation is acceptable.
  • Check if they are using single use files.
  • Check to see if the technician is wearing gloves, another must to cut down spreadable bacterial infection.
  • Inspect the salon floor. This should be clean of nail clippings and any other debris. If you are the 20th client, you should have the same, clean treatment as the first that day.
  • See where they pull their tools from. Is this a drawer or have they disimfected them prior to using them on you?
  • Inspect the bathroom. Pretty self explanatory but the condition, tidiness and cleanliness of the loo will give you an idea of the managers’ hygiene standards.
  • Can you communicate effectively with your therapist? Sounds odd but if you are getting a “no dialogue” treatment, doesn’t this tell you if the therapist is keen for you to return and whether they care, not only about the job in hand, so to speak, but your overall client experience.

It might just be a manicure, or polish to some people, but a blaze attitude in entrusting your health and wellbeing might just result in your worst nightmare, and yes, they do happen … frequently.

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