Editor of Journal says Botox parties should be banned

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EXPERT BLOGS: “Clinics all over the UK are continuing to put patients at grave risk by holding ‘Botox parties’ for nothing more than corporate and personal financial gain. Despite a crack down by advertising guidelines, the activity continues to run rife, with blatant advertising on social media sites such as Facebook.

Holding a social gathering that trivialises the injection of a prescription-only medicine into people’s faces is not big or clever. However, in a time where all practitioners need to step up and raise the quality and safety bar, several are deciding to go for the easy, unethical option of offering mass discounts and package deals.

Following reports of a 78% increase in the number of ‘Botox’ enquiries over the last year, safety and service quality is now more important than ever in cosmetic medicine.

The Department of Health dishes out documents left, right and centre about putting patients first, yet the review by Sir Bruce Keogh into cosmetic interventions has not set in stone any stringent guidelines on the regulation of injectables, or who should be providing aesthetic treatments,

The recession has made discounts the dream for consumers, while clinics are raking it in without facing more than a scathing tweet from peers.

All of these things would never be acceptable in another sector of health care. You would never be offered a 50% discount on a triple bypass if your friend was having one, and you would certainly never be given a stamp on a loyalty card every time youvisit an A&E department, financial difficulty should not be prioritised over safe practice.

There’s no getting away from it – treatments cost money and profits are vital – but practitioners can only use ‘we run a business’ as a ‘get out of jail free card’ so many times.

It is hoped that the final Department of Health report on the regulation of cosmetic interventions will tackle the issues of ‘Botox parties’, discounts and incentives in the industry. This is due to be published this month”.

With kind thanks to: Natasha Devan

Editor, Journal of Aesthetic Nursing



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