Leading Eye Surgeon slams coloured Iris implants used for vanity

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· Experts warn coloured iris implants could cause blindness
· Cosmetic iris implants are not approved for use in the UK, USA or EU
· 9 out of 14 iris implants result in complications post surgery

A leading eye surgeon and expert has condemned the use of Iris Implants following a national newspaper article where a ‘surgery obsessed model’ had ‘cartoon green’ permanent implants placed into her eyes in her quest for physical perfection.

Mrs. Sabrina Shah-Desai a leading UK accredited Consultant Ophthalmic Plastic Reconstructive surgeon, with private practices in London and Harley Street expressed concern after reading the press article, which appeared in The Daily Mail on June 2nd.

Speaking on behalf of The Safety in Beauty Campaign, as a public safety advisor, Mrs Shah-Desai stated that: “I’m concerned that thousands of people reading this article will now think that iris implants are an easy way to change the colour of their eyes, without considering the serious risks attached to this procedure”

Iris implant surgery was developed by a Panama based Ophthalmic Surgeon, to treat people who do not have an iris, either because it did not develop properly or following a trauma to the eye. People also experiencing a condition called heterochromia – a condition which causes a person to have one eye a different colour to the other, may have iris implant surgery,

The colour of a persons eye is determined by the iris, (a coloured ring of muscle fibers behind the clear cornea and in front of the lens), during iris implant surgery, an artificial iris made of silicone is unfolded and and adjusted to cover the natural iris, through a small cut in the cornea, this incision is very similar to people undergoing cataract surgery.

Studies of people who have had iris implants reveal that this surgery can seriously damage eyes and vision, including the risk of other complications such as cataracts, glaucoma, reduced vision, pain, bleeding in the eye, corneal cloudiness and blindness.

In one study, nine out of patients needed their implants removed surgically, this in turn poses another set of problems and further risks.

Cosmetic iris implants are not approved for use in the UK, USA or EU, so people fly to countries like Mexico, Panama and India to have this procedure.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Glaucoma Society strongly discourage people from undergoing this surgery for cosmetic purposes, due to the documented potential damage to healthy vision.

Mrs Shah-Desai stated “With coloured cosmetic use contact lenses available for a quick, temporary eye colour change, it is unthinkable that a person would want to choose permanently damaging their eye health and vision from this non-approved procedure

*Image Daily Mail/Sham Qari/Barcroft Images

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