30% of women would have cosmetic surgery says poll


An article released by the BBC this week published data gleaned from a poll held by Womans Hour Show which states over 30% of women would have cosmetic surgery. The article which explored the safety of cosmetic interventions, further stated that the £3.6bn UK cosmetic industry is still largely unregulated, leading to concerns about its safety.

The in-depth article also briefly highlights a victim of a substandard dermal filler treatment called Tina (she did not want to use her real name) the young lady, aged 24 years of age, who paid £75 for the filler in her local hair salon, was left shocked after a treatment left her with disastrous results.

“It was almost too easy,” she says in the article,  “Before I knew it, the injection had gone in and I thought, ‘Oh my God, I am having a lip job’.” the treatment was far from Tina’s expectations who stated “It looked horrendous straight after. Really swollen,”.

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