Dr. Daniel Sister Joins SIB Expert Advisory Panel

29th November 2016: The Safety in Beauty Campaign are delighted to announce the latest expert advisory panel member to the 2016/2017 campaign panel: Dr. Daniel Sister, will be leading expert advice in the category of: hormonal and anti ageing subjects, as well as PRP therapies. We are delighted to welcome Dr. Sister.

safety in beauty expert advisor dr daniel sisterAbout Dr. Daniel Sister.

Dr Daniel L. Sister is a world-renowned cosmetic, anti-ageing and hormone specialist. Since receiving his medical doctorate at the Paris Medical School he has built a global reputation specialising in minimally invasive anti-ageing procedures and bio-identical hormones.

A market leader and pioneer, Dr Sister has introduced a number of groundbreaking treatments to the UK including the highly successful Dracula PRP Therapy™, Dr Sister’s unique version of Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, which has attracted worldwide attention. He is meticulous about research and keeps patient care and safety paramount when developing, introducing, or recommending new treatments.

Dr Sister appears regularly in the media his published books include Hormone Doctor (with Leah Hardy and Susie Rogers) and Platelet Rich Plasma: The New Frontier in Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine. He is also a well known speaker, lecturer and trainer and contributes to many leading medical journals.




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