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Created in 2013, Safety In Beauty is the UK’s first independent support organisation for the beauty and aesthetics industry. We have spent the last decade raising awareness of unsafe activities and empowering the consumer in order to help them make safe and well-informed decisions when it comes to their beauty and aesthetics treatments.

Safety In Beauty not only provides easy to understand information, but also a Trusted Professional Directory, which can put clients in touch with carefully screened professionals and practitioners  that can deliver a trusted and safe service.

On our professional hub you can access the latest industry news and developments, as well as attend exclusive events, including product launches, discovery days, conferences, and educational training events.

We offer professional support from our team of advisors who can help you with many questions from best practice, to insurance and compliance.

You can also enquire about joining our trusted professional community on-line and be part of a growing community dedicated to providing a service of safety and excellence to the public.

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Browse Our Latest Events

At Safety in Beauty we partner with leading organisations and brands to bring you the latest events in the beauty and aesthetics industry. From product launches, discovery days, brand hospitality events, all the way through to our own internationally acclaimed annual Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards, there is always an exiting and unique event to present to you.


Education & Training Events

Our mission is to empower you to access the latest educational and training opportunities in the industry.

We carefully screen all of our advertised partnerships so that your learning opportunities are secured from a trustable entity, allowing you to focus on your personal enhancement and development as a professional with peace of mind.


Legal Advice & Support

In the medical aesthetic and cosmetic interventions sector, complaints are not uncommon, if you are looking for advice and access to specialist clinical negligence defence experts that can advise you on the resolution of clinical negligence claims from patients, or the management of complaints and incident investigations, then we can help you.

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Insurance Support

The industry of Aesthetics and Cosmetic Interventions is a busy one, with a global value of $45 billion dollars, it is not uncommon for a treatment or procedure to go wrong, if in the unfortunate event that does happen and you are not adequately protected then the damage to your business could be more than cosmetic. Our partners Cosmetic Insure can help with claims of malpractice, negligence, and more, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your business, patients and clients.


Health & Safety Support

The importance of health and safety in the workplace simply cannot be underestimated. As well as being the law, it is part and parcel of being a good employer and business owner.   Health and safety precautions are there to protect any visitors, customers, sub-contractors and the general public who may work for you, do business with you or come into contact with your organisation in any way. We can support your health and Safety needs so you can focus on our business.

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CQC Registration Support

If you are thinking about preparing your business to become CQC registered, our clinically led team of Consultants seamlessly guide new and existing healthcare providers through the extensive registration process and follow up compliance framework required to attain and join only the 2% of active services nationwide with a CQC rating of ‘Outstanding’.

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