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In order to raise standards within the industry, we recognise that education is key, which is why we have created a number of events to help achieve this.

Over the last decade, Safety In Beauty have hosted and co-hosted a number of educational events for medical aesthetic profesisonals and advanced beauty professionals. This to help ensure that everyone is united in the goal of working towards the highest and safest standards possible.

By working with both the public and industry professionals and brands, we can bridge the gap between the two and create a benchmark of safety and excellence that everyone should be aiming for.

That is why Safety In Beauty is now evolving into a combination of being an educational platform for beauty and aesthetics professionals, as well as a place of trust for consumers

Join The Safety in Beauty Trusted Professional Community and access exclusive events including:

  • Exclusive Training & Education Events
  • Discovery Days
  • Seminars & Conferences
  • Product Launches
  • VIP Professional Events

As a Safety in Beauty Member you will enjoy access to our  Centre of Excellence and enjoy a wealth of fantastic unique events either FREE, or heavily discounted for members only.

Find out more about some of our latest events here on on line Instagram @SafetyinBeautyEvents or @SafetyinBeauty

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