Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) – Excludes beauty therapists from carrying out injectable treatments

Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) – Changes to the Practitioner Register – Statement on Entry to Part Two of the JCCP Register – Non-Clinical The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP), is a recently launched ‘self-regulating’ body for the non-surgical aesthetics and hair restoration surgical sector in the read more

Scottish Medical Aesthetic Professionals warned to register before October 1st or face £5k fine and 3 months prison

Medical Aesthetic Professionals are warned to ‘Register before October the 1st or stop trading and face up to 3 months in prison or a £5,000 fine” states a senior officer at Healthcare Improvement Scotland Tracy Birch a Senior Programme Manager in Quality Assurance at Healthcare Improvement Scotland., published the stark read more

The average Brit has 783 images saved on their phone – but HATES 75 percent of them

More than one in ten women have secretly gone into a friend or partner’s phone to delete a picture of themselves which they did not like, according to new research. New research has revealed the extent to which modern Brits have become a nation of “picture perfectionists” – with read more

Who would you trust to perform a botox or cosmetic filler treatment on your face?

75% percent of people prefer a medically qualified and trained professional to perform a cosmetic enhancement on their face The Safety in Beauty Campaign believes wholeheartedly that the only way to protect those undergoing non-surgical cosmetic procedures is to properly regulate the aesthetics industry, ensuring that those who carry read more

Safety in Beauty Campaign Annual Review 2015

Press Release 23 November 2016 Cosmetic Injections continue to remain the number one source of complaints received by The Safety in Beauty Campaign with over 187 complaints reported from October 214 to October 2015. Lip injections and facial fillers are the most common concern, with over 82% of complaints read more

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