How to spot dermal filler complications and what to do about it? by Dr Beata Cybulska

Dermal fillers, alongside botulinum toxin injections, are the most common non-surgical cosmetic procedures used for facial rejuvenation. There are two types of dermal fillers: 1) natural, such as hyaluronic acid (Juvederm, Restylene, and Teosyal), collagen or autologous fat and 2) synthetic such as L-poly-lactic acid (Sculptra), calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse) read more

Faulty PIP breast implant victims experience another disappointment

Disappointing news was received this month when more than 1,000 women worldwide who received compensation following the PIP breast implant scandal in 2010 were ordered by a French appeals Court to pay back the money. The court ruled that German product-testing firm Technischer Überwachungs-Verein (TUV), that was sued as a read more

Achilles heel piercings

Sometimes fashion goes from relatively subtle changes in style to the worryingly outlandish. The latest craze for piercing the achilles heel with flexible rods definitely falls into the latter category. I’m not entirely sure why someone would want to pierce this area of their body, not least because the read more

Fake Certificates of Training and Qualifications BEWARE

If you’re considering any having a cosmetic injectable treatment such as Botox (toxin injections) or fillers, it’s important to ensure that the practitioner who you entrust to carry out the procedure is suitably qualified. The administration of these injections is a specialised skill that should be carried out only read more

Is a Spray Tan Safe? The Spray Tan Association (STA) discuss…

Safety in Beauty was created to generate awareness in the beauty industry of safer practice, with this in mind, our campaign works closely with other associations and campaigns to spread the message of Safety in Beauty. The Spray Tan Association was founded in 2014 by Lisa Young and Tracy read more

Illegal Tooth Whitening – The Low Down

More and more people now want a brighter smile, and consider purchasing a tooth whitening procedure to enhance the colour of their teeth. There are several methods by which a lighter colour can be achieved, such as home kits, office whitening and laser whitening. Whether you are looking on read more

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