Is a Spray Tan Safe? The Spray Tan Association (STA) discuss…

Safety in Beauty was created to generate awareness in the beauty industry of safer practice, with this in mind, our campaign works closely with other associations and campaigns to spread the message of Safety in Beauty.

The Spray Tan Association was founded in 2014 by Lisa Young and Tracy Priest, who have been involved in the tanning industry for the last 15 years, running a spray tanning company and training academy throughout the UK.

The tanning industry has seen the biggest growth of any of the beauty sectors, we both felt that education is integral to ensuring spray tanning is safe for the therapist and clients alike. The Spray Tan Association is working towards regulating standards ensuring all therapists are skin testing each client, extractor fans becomes part of the equipment required to start up as a spray tan therapist.

The aim of the Spray Tan Association is to have high regulations of training and education throughout the spray tan industry, members of the public will then know they are receiving a quality treatment from therapists that understand how solutions work and can deal with anything that could potentially go wrong.

The Spray Tan Association is campaigning for all therapists to skin test their clients prior to having a spray tan. The skin is the largest organ of the body and the spray tan solutions covers almost every inch of the skin so it doesn’t make sense not to skin test. The association has found that some tanning brands are not even teaching their students to spray tan.

DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) was added to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of approved cosmetic ingredients list in the 1970’s, although there have been no recorded reports of allergic reactions to DHA itself, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to the preservatives, perfumes and other ingredients in tanning products. The FDA has received reports of this nature.

Empowering therapists now with Education and knowledge will prevent any major allergic reactions occurring. The STA will ensure that skin testing becomes compulsory.

The STA is working hard to stop people going on to a sunbed as soon as they have received their spray tan to ‘dry off’. For the first 24 hours after a spray tan the skin is more susceptible to ultraviolet, according to a study in 2007 research found that forty minutes after a spray tan treatment 180% additional free radicals formed during sun expose compared to untreated skin.

Masks should be warn during all spray tan treatments as DHA has NOT been approved to inhale. Extractor fans should become a compulsory piece of equipment required in ordered to commence work as a spray tan therapist.

The STA is campaigning to regulate the spray tanning of pregnant ladies. Pregnant ladies are advised not to have a spray tan treatment during pregnancy due to the inhaling of the product.

If you have any concerns about spray tanning and would like to get in touch with us, please do e-mail us, we would like to hear from you, you can find our details on the contacts page, or you can leave a message below.

Thank you

With kind thanks to Lisa Young and Tracy Priest

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