What is the new Emerald (non thermal) fat busting laser?

What is the new Emerald (non thermal) fat busting laser?

EMERALD™ laser, is a new full body fat loss treatment that allows patients to get rid of stubborn areas of fat. Taking the industry by storm with results that are leaving many positively green with envy,  EMERALD™ works by targeting fat cells and shrinking them by extracting the fatty liquids inside without harming the cells.

The non- thermal laser is non-invasive, and has so far no reported side effects, the best part is that it is completely painless.

EMERALD™ laser is the only device that has been given FDA market clearance for overall body circumference reduction in patients with small pockets of fat and patients of up to 40 BMI.

So how does it work?

EMERALD™ uses harmless light energy at specific wavelengths that works on a cellular level with your body. The laser creates a small transitory pore for the fatty liquids in your fat cells to seep out.Then your body processes the emulsified fat through your lymphatic system naturally. The result is that the fat cells shrink instead of being killed. When this happens, the now shrunken cells begin to act and function like healthy, lean fat cells, releasing the correct messages to your brain and beginning a communication throughout the fat organ causing other fat cells to react the same way, releasing their content and returning their hormone responses to the positive.

How does it differ to fat freezing?

Procedures that have been popular in the past (such as fat freezing) focus on the elimination of fat cells, but recent research has proven that this can be ineffective, and in the worst case, counterproductive as the fat may start to regenerate in other parts of your body or worse, around your organs. The EMERALD™ Laser effectively trains the fat cells to behave and react differently, and all without excessive heat or cooling.

Who is it suitable for?

The EMERALD™ Laser experience is a must-try for people who are looking to non-surgically lose fat from a technology that can also use their own fat to get their health back, thus improving their overall health and wellness.

The treatment is suitable for reducing circumference of subcutaneous fat from the whole body, with specific reference, but not limited to, the upper abdomen, waist, hips and thighs.

How many session are recommended?

It is recommended that patients have 1 or 2 treatments per week for 4-8 weeks dependent on their lifestyle and medical history. The session takes only 30 minutes – 15 minutes on the front, and 15 minutes on the back to give a complete 360 degree re-profiling effect, and results can be seen very quick compared to other technologies in this sector.

What is the average inch loss?

EMERALD™ are at the forefront of science and research based modalities. The super high tech guys behind  EMERALD™ (Erchonia) have conducted many studies and clinic trials which show an average circumference loss of 6 inches.

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