We’re advising against kids crayons used for ‘make-up’

crayola make up

crayola make up

We picked up on a beauty trend particularly amongst younger female where the fad is to dip coloured pencils, and crayons, (such as Crayola) in warm water to use in the place of eyeliner, there are a number of beauty bloggers endorsing this practice and it is simply NOT safe.

The colours and pigments used in these pencils and crayons have not been approved by the FDA nor any other body to endorse or support that these are safe products to apply to the eye area. Pencils and colouring crayons are exactly that and should not be used for any other purpose.

Even though the products are marketed as non- toxic, The Safety in Beauty Campaign urges beauty bloggers to stop doing this, as it is only a question of time before medical and health complication begin to emerge.

If you want colourful bright eye make up, simple solution is buy the proper products. Short cuts to your pocket like this example will lead to a short cut in injury or possible long term damage to an extremely delicate area of the face.

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