We just want a safer industry! says Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Amy Lamb

We just want a safer industry! says Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Amy Lamb

Is the  Aesthetics Industry finally going to be regulated?

I’m Amy – NMC Registered Prescribing Nurse, Owner and Clinical Director of A L Medical Aesthetics & Wellness based in the heart of Cheshire. A boutique clinic setting offering a multitude of medical aesthetics and wellness services.

As an avid campaigner for regulation in the industry change can’t come soon enough, It’s still hard to believe after 10 years in the industry that there is so little regulation in aesthetics, more worryingly the general public still don’t realise or know much about the law and legislation around aesthetic treatments? It’s often believed that there must be plenty. After all, such treatments can be invasive and carry risks – there can be side effects and complications.

It makes sense that the legislation must be strict and comprehensive, when in reality currently, ANYONE can carry out aesthetic treatments and I mean ANYONE. It is really concerning that, as more and more people choose to invest in non-surgical treatments, that there is still no regulation or governing body.

To you, or anyone considering aesthetic or anti-ageing treatments, this underlines why you must do your homework before allowing anyone near your face with needles, lasers, or chemicals.

Currently in the UK, a lack of regulation means:

No requirement to keep records of practitioners providing such treatments.

  • No legal requirement to follow protocols.
  • No monitoring or inspections of the practice.
  • No requirement to comply with set standards.
  • No set standards of proficiency.
  • No laws specifically regarding safe provision of treatments.
  • No prescription only status for dermal fillers.
  • No obligation to have plans in place in case of problems.
  • No legal requirement for insurance cover or redress in the case of mishaps or problems.

Recently, many campaigners and advocates of safety in aesthetics and beauty within the industry, welcomed the recent news that there are now going to be some steps towards regulating the industry.

The Health Care Bill will be amended to introduce moves towards more robust control and regulation within the sector.

The legislation can’t come soon enough.

When you book a consultation you should be able to ask anything to your practitioner with the belief you are in safe hands. If your prospective practitioner is not happy to answer all your questions openly and transparently, run.

You should be happy and confident in your choice of treatment – and treatment provider.

Any practitioner worth their salt will welcome questions and take great pride in giving you the information you require to make an informed choice about your treatment options.

Professional background and experience is important in choosing a practitioner. Dedication to the profession and dedication to best practices can only benefit you.

It’s always quite distressing to treat a new patient following a botched job by an unqualified, unsuitable, and uninsured practitioner.

Done well, by a good practitioner, aesthetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, and injectable skin boosters can make you look and feel better.

It’s simply not worth risking it NOT being done well so stop looking for the next offer, start doing your research and remember Facebook and Instagram are not good sources of review!

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