Velaterapia – Do not try this at home,

The truth about velaterapia

There has been a lot of talk recently about velaterapia following a story in The Daily Mail this week about top Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Fialho.

Fialho swears by the procedure of velaterapia where she uses an open flame to burn off spit ends.

However coverage of the story has sparked outrage amongst beauty professionals such as Trichologist Iain Sallis who is outraged by the endorsement of the practice and comments:

“In all the 12 years as a Trichologist, I am shocked to read this story about a naked flame being used to cauterise hair. Hair is not only incredibly flammable (thanks to the abundance of sulphur in it) but the theory that it somehow opens channels for nutrients to seep into is incorrect.”

Sallis adds “Hair can be severely damaged by heat, never mind a naked flame! So I would recommend to stay away from this procedure at all costs!”

The Safety in Beauty Campaign wishes to also state that any naked flame near a human being poses massive health and safety risks.

Antonia Mariconda founder of The Safety in Beauty Campaign states “Why on earth would anyone want to put them selves at risk by burning their hair and potentially harming their skin, body and health?”

She adds “What a riduculous practice!, and the fact that a well known super model is endorsing this crazy activity only serves to create greater concern for public safety, my advice is if you want to get rid of split ends on your hair, then seek a qualified hair professional for advice, but don’t play with fire by trying this at home”.

With kind thanks to: Trichologist Iain Sallis

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