Thread Lifting

What is thread lifting?

Thread lifting is a treatment which uses biodegradable sutures which are threaded under the skin and pulled tight to have a lifting effect on sagging areas of skin. This can be a good non-surgical alternative to the traditional face lift which provides an immediate result and also triggers the body’s own healing process to make the results more prolonged through the growth of new collagen.

Who is an ideal candidate for thread lifting?

A thread lift can be used to greatest effect on those who are experiencing early or mild signs of ageing. This includes the early signs of a loss of laxity in the skin and the first lines and wrinkles. These clients can experience a subtle lift to the tissues that will leave their skin smoother and firmer that will still look completely natural.

How does thread lifting work?

The treatment is performed using biodegradable threads which are pushed through the superficial fat layer that sits above the muscles. As this does not contain any nerve endings, there is no discomfort during this process. The threads themselves contain tiny barbs which help to grab the skin tissue as they are pulled, ensuring that they are able to lift the skin tissues. They can also help to stimulate the production of collagen which grows to help hold the skin tissues in their new place.

  • How long do the results last? Up to 18 months
  • Treatment duration time: 30-60 minutes
  • Anaesthesia required: Numbing cream
  • Downtime:1-2 days
  • Costs: £500-£2500

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