The Rise of Biotech Beauty

The Rise of Biotech Beauty

The beauty industry is known for being one of the biggest polluters of single-use plastics for the planet. Thankfully, more brands are starting to realise the value and necessity of eco-conscious packaging alternatives. The new need for sustainability within beauty has created a range of green beauty micro-trends with biotech beauty becoming the newest movement.

Mallory Huron, a beauty trend forecaster at Fashion Snoops says, “Biotech beauty technically refers to ingredients that are generated with DNA editing and the help of organisms like algae, yeast or bacteria”. The rise in biotech beauty means there is an opportunity for more effective ingredients which are not only safer for humans, but also the environment. Additionally, it reduces overconsumption and avoids exhausting resources. This is because when ingredients are grown, it allows companies to source their own raw materials without the negative impacts of fishing, farming, extraction or other processes which usually drive up price and the carbon footprint. One brand which uses biotechnology is Biossance, a skin-care company which produce their ingredient of squalene in a responsible way.

At the moment, there is little regulation about brands labelling products with the terms ‘green’, ‘clean’ or ‘natural’. This can lead to major issues in the quality control around ingredients, including their origin. Commonly known as ‘labeling loopholes’, this exists so brands can make products how they please, most likely prioritising profit over consumer safety and ingredient effectiveness. Biosynthetic ingredients have the safest and most controlled supply chain meaning the best quality is guaranteed as ingredients are grown in a controlled environment. Due to the quality control, impurities can be prevented and there is consistency in every batch.

Many K-beauty brands and other major markets are starting to look at biotech companies for their formulation of ingredients. Popular brands starting to take this leap include L’Oreal, In Fiore, Virtue, One Ocean Beauty and many more. As more consumers demand safe and environmentally responsible products, biotech may become the norm for many beauty brands.

By Hannah Spalding

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