The 1st Safety in Aesthetics Summit

Welcome to SAS – The 1st Safety in Aesthetics Summit

Key Information 

  • Launch date: Friday 5th July
  • Format: 1 Day Conference followed by Exclusive Evening Summer Garden Cocktail Party
  • Timings 9.00am to 5.00pm
  • Cocktail: 6.00pm to 10pm

Safety in Beauty Member Ticket Prices

Silver Package £95.00

  • Standard Row Seating
  • Access to Conference & Exhibition
  • Refreshments Water, Tea and Coffee
  • Conference delegate items, pen, badge, notepad
  • CPD Certificate

Gold Package £195.00

  • Premier Row Seating
  • Access to Conference & Exhibition
  • Refreshments Water, Tea and Coffee
  • Conference delegate items, pen, badge, notepad
  • Lunch
  • CPD Certificate
  • Invitation to Summer Garden Cocktail Party 6pm
  • Sponsor Gift Bag

About The SAS Safety in Aesthetics Event

The aesthetics industry is now estimated to be worth approximately £45.5 billion across the globe, this growing statistic shows no sign of slowing, and experienced financial predictions will se that figure rise exponentially over the next decade.

which shows exactly how many people could be affected or harmed if they find themselves in the wrong hands. It seems as though the winds of change are now blowing through the industry, as the UK Government has been running a number of public consultations in order to look at how the industry can finally be regulated

The beauty and aesthetics industries have been sadly lacking in regulation for many years, which has made it far too easy for the unscrupulous or unprofessional entities to continue trading and offering sub-standard or downright dangerous treatments.

This is something that we at Safety in Beauty have been campaigning for across the last 10 years, and so it has come as a huge relief to see that these concerns are being taken seriously at long last, and that safety can be prioritised. However, it is not yet clear what these regulations are likely to be or how long it will take for them to come into effect. As it is likely that it could be years before any difference is made, the Safety In Beauty campaign is busier than ever, with even more complaints coming from the industry and members of the public. This caused us to launch our 10-year anniversary audit, and now the first ever Safety In Beauty Summit is coming to life. What is the Safety In Beauty Summit? The Safety In Beauty Summit has been put together in order to discuss the key areas of improvement for the industry. It will take place on XXX in London in conjunction with a steering committee of leading professionals, to ensure a balanced and clear view of the industry as a whole. Bullet points Sponsor Conclusion In order to elevate the Safety In Beauty Summit to the next level, we need your help. Sponsorship of the event can ensure that we are able to offer the very best information, entertainment and services to those in attendance, with the aim of creating a better working industry for everyone. By sponsoring the event, your brand will gain an important and prestigious platform in front of the entire aesthetics industry. It will align you with the desire for safety and high standards, ensuring that you are seen as an industry leader for all of the right reasons. Delegates Conclusion Attending the Safety In Beauty Summit should be essential for almost anyone working within the aesthetics industry. It is a great chance to learn, and also ensures that you have an important opportunity to get your voice heard by those who care and want to listen. You can mingle and network with other professionals like yourself as well as industry leaders, ensuring that every moment there presents you with a new and exciting opportunity. The Safety In Beauty Summit can help to shape the future of the industry and your career, and with the vast array of educational opportunities on offer, it is also CPD approved. This is the one event that should not be missed.

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