The 11th Annual RSM Aesthetics Conference 24th February 2019

The Royal Society of Medicine delighted to host the 11th Annual RSM Aesthetics Conference, chaired by Dr. Patrick Treacy.

This meeting will bring together a multi-professional faculty and delegate community to identify and discuss the best options for aesthetic clinical care, with optional workshops running throughout the day. Lectures will be led by twelve of the world’s top aesthetic experts, with the plenary lecture given by a Nobel Prize winner.

topics include

  • Thread lifting techniques

  • Preventing and managing aesthetic complications 

  • Live demonstrations of dermal filler injection techniques
  • Facial anatomy and danger zones during injection procedures

  • Cannulation of temple, forehead, mid-face, tear trough and jawline 
  • First-hand personal accounts of patients who received complications

  • Best practice in key areas of aesthetics care – surgical and non–surgical


Two workshop rotations will take place during the day. In order to participate delegates must also attend the conference, and book the workshops in advance. 

Workshops are chargeable at £69 per person, with a maximum of 8 delegates per workshop.

Delegates must have GMC, NMC or GDC license –full and valid not provisional

Rotation 1: 11.10am – 12.10pm

A. Chemical peels

B. Botulinum for beginners

C. Botulinum for bruxism

D. Fillers for beginners

Rotation 2: 2.00pm – 3.00pm

E. Fillers (advanced)

F. Hyaluronidase treatment

G. Live demonstrations of non-surgical face lift – threads vs. fillers

H. Botulinum (advanced)

There will be an after conference dinner. There are a maximum of ten places

key speakers

Hear from a host of international experts as well as Carol Bryan who will be delivering her personal story alongside the clinical content.

  • Professor Karl Grammer,Austria.In 2015, he and Elisabeth Oberzaucher received the Ig Nobel Prize in mathematics for his work on Moulay Ismael

  • Dr Sabrina Shah-Desai, Consultant Ophthalmic Plastic Reconstructive surgeon, UK

  • Professor Andreas KatsambasEmeritus Professor of Dermatology and Venereology at the University of Athens, Greece

  • Dr. Albina Kajaia, MD. Dermatologist, Geogia. Chief of the Dermatology Department of Clinic of Plastic Surgery and Dermatology “Total Charm”

  • Dr George SulamanidzePlastic surgeon, Georgia.

  • Dr Ines Verner, Dermatologist, Israel. Founder and owner of the Dr Verner Clinic for Dermatology and Aesthetics

  • Dr Han Jin Kwon, Cosmetic surgeon, South Korea. CEO of Dermaster Clinic Worldwide Network, President of International Ass. of Aesthetic and Antiaging Medicine


Early bird rates expire Monday 7 January 2019

RSM member early bird: £59 – £149
Non-member early bird: £79 – £189

*Tickets include tea, coffee and lunch.

*Following registration you will be contacted appropriately by email with; your booking confirmation, feedback survey and attendance certificate. For full details of the RSM privacy policy, click here

Dr. Patrick Treacy talks to Safety in Beauty about how some of the funds from this event will go towards a Humanitarian Project in Uganda

” We helped with two projects here in Uganda. The first was with Heal the World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO) in the village of Mbaba, which is situated on a mountain, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Heal the World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO) in Uganda was founded and ever since led by Happy Mbabazi (1996) who wants to build the ‘Miracle Joy Centre’, from which all activities that he is offering the children can take place. That home will provide vocational training, such as sewing and carpentry, as well as several sports activities, and hopefully encompass a farm that will besides chicken (a chicken farm) also have some cows.
The second project is helping to fund an island school in Lake Bunyonyi, where the roof had blown off during the high winds as it wasnt supproted properly.
Bwama Primary School is a government school, located on Bwama Island in Lake Bunyonyi. Bwama Island is the biggest of 23 islands in the lake. It is the only Island that has a school on it. There is significant history connected to both Bwama Island and Bwama Primary School. In the first decennia of the 20th century, there was a leprosy outbreak in the area. It was in 1931, that Dr. Leonard Sharp, a British doctor and missionary, made Bwama Island, which had until then been uninhabited, a quarantine for those in the region who were affected by the disease. The idea was to keep the patients isolated while a cure was sought. A church, patient quarters and a medical facility were built. At its height, Bwama Island had 600 leper patients on it.
The transport of its pupils is an enormous problem for Bwama Primary School. Only very few students have the private means to get themselves to the school each morning. The school has started offering a canoe service for its students, but is facing a lot of problems while trying to do so.
Financial resources are far from enough to organize the transport sufficiently.
HWMCO-Nederland, through NiCA, are extremely excited to announce that the first motorboat, meant to provide the children of Bwama Primary School safe transport from and to their school, has now been realized!”

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