Terms and Conditions



1. Entries for The Diamond Awards

1.1. The Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards is open to individuals, practices and companies and brands working within the medical aesthetics industry, personal care industry, beauty industry and associated sectors. The awards are organised and promoted by The Safety in Beauty Organisation.

1.2. Entries must be made and submitted on www.safetyinbeauty.com website on or before the closing date specified. Entries submitted by any other method will not be considered, unless there are mitigating circumstances.  The organiser shall use their own discretion for any individual late applicants. Late submissions will be subject to a late entrance administration charge.

1.3. Entrants can enter the awards in multiple categories, one time only per category. Multiple entries in the same category will be disregarded. Entrants must complete a form for each product, service or professional required.

1.4. Entrants must ensure that their submission is detailed and complete at the point of entry. The organiser will not accept any additional or replacement information provided by the entrant following the deadline of submission for entry.

1.5. An entry submitted by a finalist may withdraw from the published shortlist, but will be liable for an administration fee of £500.00. After the 5th of August 2023.

2. The Selection of Diamond Award Finalists

2.1. The Diamond Award finalists will be selected by the organiser of the event, in association with an in-house consultation committee, not disclosed for privacy reasons. The committee will comprise, of medical, non-medical, industry professionals, marketing and public relations professionals, and legal professionals.

2.2. The organiser reserves the right to reject entries or move them into other appropriate categories. The entrant will be made aware of this decision prior to publication of a final shortlist.

2.3. The decision of the finalist selection by the organsier in all matters is final.

3. Voting Process

3.1. Online voting for those categories specified will open on www.safetyinbeauty.com from a date specified, and a deadline date for votes to close is also specified.

3.2. Voting is open to all individuals.

3.3. Only one vote per person, and per I.P address is allowed once in each category.

3.4. Voters are not required to give personal information, or create an account or disclose any personal information when voting.

3.5. Votes suspected to be of fraudulent nature, including multiple votes from the same name, email address and IP address will be discounted from the final result. The organiser utilises a third party agency with a robust software security filter to prevent, and safeguard fraudulent voting occurring.

3.6. The decision of the organiser in all matters is final.

4. Award Presentations

4.1. All winners’ trophy awards and highly commended trophies will be presented at the The Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards Ceremony.

4.2. Winning is not conditional on attendance at the event but, finalists should inform the organisers in advance if they can not be present at the event, and nominate a representative to receive the award on their behalf.

4.3. Each category Winner will receive an award trophy engraved with their name or company name. Additional engraved trophies can be ordered (at additional cost) after the event.

4.4. Each category winner may have their award presented in person, by a commercial sponsor/partner of The Diamond Awards, or presenter as agreed by the event organiser.

4.5. Highly Commended Awards will be announced on the night and recipients will also receive a smaller glass trophy. Additional trophies can be ordered after the event at an additional.

4.6. The views of any presenter, speaker or entertainer appearing at the event will be the views solely of the speaker concerned and the organiser accepts no responsibility for them.

4.7. The organiser reserves the right to rescind and withdraw any award, if the recipient enters into any activity or matter whereby the organiser and the event are brought into disrepute, such as a personal or professional legal matters,  a criminal investigation or conviction or an impending court case, this also includes a pending investigation by a regulatory authority, or any negative press and media, or negative social media posts or content relating to an individual, business or a brand. The organiser also reserves the right to withdraw and rescind an award in the event a finalist is involved in anti-social behaviour or misconduct on social media that will possibly bring the event into disrepute.  The event organiser does not accept any acts of racism, sexism, harassment or bullying of any nature. The event organiser reserves the right to rescind and withdraw any award, against any winner that has purposely concealed any information deliberately so as to mislead the event organiser and judging process in a final outcome.

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