Terms and Conditions Ticket Purchases

Terms and Conditions for Ticket Purchase

1. Ticket Bookings and purchases

1.1. Access to The Diamond Awards ceremony is limited and entry is by purchased ticket only. Complimentary tickets are not available.

1.2. Tickets may be purchased on-line at www.safetyinbeauty.com on an individual basis, or as a table, or group booking, alternatively ticket requests can also be purchased directly by contacting antonia@thecosmediccoach.com

1.3. We cannot guarantee ticket availability for all requests. When all tickets have been sold, bookings will be closed, and a stand by waiting list will be implemented. All notifications as such will be made visible on the www.safetyinbeauty.com website, and on social media on instagram @safetyinbeautyawards

1.4. When purchasing tickets via the website, all details must be clearly displayed including full contact information, address for postage of tickets, telephone, email, and all dietary requirements and special request details, The organiser accepts no liability for any omission made by a customer, and as such cannot guarantee the safe dispatch of any tickets due to any errors of information supplied on the ticket purchase booking form.

1.5. The organiser cannot guarantee any dietary requests if the purchaser has not submitted specific information on a booking form. Dietary requirements submitted outside the event organiser deadline, will be subject to a surcharge of £25 per person per request.

1.6. The organiser accepts no liability for any allergies, which have not been communicated on a ticket booking form, thus prohibiting the organiser to communicate any such information to catering staff and event management staff at the awards ceremony venue.

1.7. The organiser agrees and undertakes that it will:

  • Submit a list of all guests attending the event and their dietary requirements no later than 14 days before the date of the event to the awards ceremony venue.
  •  Obtain such consents as may be necessary under current Data Protection legislation to allow for the publication of their guests’ details on The Diamond Awards seated table plan published on the date of the event.

1.8. All tickets must be paid for in advance of the event. The organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone holding a ticket that has not been paid for, or to anyone at the event without a ticket and proof of purchase.

1.9 In the unlikely event that The Diamond Awards Event is postponed or cancelled due to force majeure, natural causes directly and exclusively without human intervention and that could not have been prevented by any amount of foresight and pains and care reasonably to have been expected, we will offer an equivalent ticket or booking at a reorganised event date. No refunds will be available for ticket purchases due to force majeure. Any written request to purchase a ticket via an email instruction whereby the booking has been acknowledged by the organiser, shall be deemed to be treated as a booking.

1.10 Tickets purchased are not refundable, if a guest is unable to attend the event under any circumstances, but the ticket may  be transferred to another individual to use. Seat placements are not exchangeable and guests cannot move seats. Tickets are assigned specific seating. The event organiser reserves the right to ask a guest seated in the wrong seat to move. If the guest refuses to cooperate management reserve the right to assign the matter to a security management team.

1.11 The organiser reserves the right to issue an invoice for full ticket prices for any ignored communication by a individual or an organisation that has written to purchase tickets by the organiser but has failed to pay for them, or failed to communicate by any means in the event of a no-show or a cancellation.

1.12 The event organiser reserve the right to refuse entry to any guest causing a social nuisance or disturbance to fellow guest by means of intoxication, or other.

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