Teeth whitening tips by Dr Nina Bal

Teeth whitening tips by Dr Nina Bal

The Perfect Smile …..(starts at home)

The perfect smile starts in our own bathroom with an impeccable oral hygiene routine, Dr Nina Bal gives her tops tips on creating and maintaining that perfect smile.

– make sure you brush your teeth at least twice a day : as you are at home you have the luxury of been able to brush them even three times per day , to remove all the plaque .

– if you is drink water and lemon every morning to detox your body , make sure you use a straw to avoid teeth erosion to be fixed once self isolation is over !

– wait at least 20 mins after you finish a meal before brushing , this can allow your saliva to balance the Ph of your mouth and avoid any erosions/ abrasions.

– floss at least once a day : there is no excuse now , you are not coming home late from work so you can find time ! Make your health a priority and use a waxed 20 cm floss rolled around your medium fingers to start with , it easily slides in between your teeth . Use it before the toothbrush , ideally before bed .

– being at home the all time can increase the temptation to eat chocolate , sugar or desert after lunch and dinner : pick only one meal where you can have it and brush your teeth 20 mins later ( great tip also if you have kids !)
– eat plenty of vegetables and fruits : for example raw carrots or raw celery can be used if you have kids to teach them brushing their own teeth … and why not , experimenting new tastes !

– if you have your professional whitening HomeKit made by your dentist , it’s a good time to whiten your teeth and utilise the extra at home time you have to wear your trays : if you haven’t, don’t buy any last minute over the counter whitening kit to use at home . Save money for a professional whitening kit once life resumes to normality!

– drink a sip of water after tea and coffee to avoid teeth staining : you are at home and can rinse your mouth simply with water to avoid the coffee stains which once solidify to your teeth can only be removed with professional airflow teeth cleaning.

– if you are a smoker , it’s a good time to focus on your health (and your teeth ) and convert to vape or even better quit smoking perhaps with online hypnotherapy sessions : your teeth health , colour and your lungs will thank you.

– don’t buy or use any charcoals or abrasive over the counter whitening toothpastes , they will give you the illusion to have whiter teeth by damaging and removing precious enamel , which will then become more porous and will stain easier or will just give you the illusion of whitening teeth by the colour contrast , but won’t deliver any results .

About Dr Nina Bal

Dr Nina Bal is a Cosmetic Dental Surgeon and Facial Aesthetics Doctor, You might recognise her from TV as Dr Nina is the official cosmetic dentist in the Series 2 of the UK Tv Show Bodyfixers on E4 and from This Morning Show with Holly and Phil on ITV. Dr Nina and her work have been featured many times in Forbes, Evening Standard, Harvard, Metro, Tatler, The Times, The Sun, Sunday Mirror, Thrive Global and Adweek just to name a few.

Dr Nina is passionate about enhancing a patient’s innate beauty. Her philosophy is ‘less is more’ and she loves to make subtle aesthetic tweaks that lead to excellent, yet natural, results.

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