Spotlight on Endospheres

Endospheres is a patented method based on scientific studies carried out by Italian universities. Thanks to sophisticated technology and the balancing of specific parameters, this technology acts precisely on the triggering causes of cellulite and fat deposits for the remodelling of the silhouette and the proper physiological functions. At the same time, it tones, drains and reduces the circumference thanks to the reshaping action.

The watchwords are speed and ease of treatment. The watchwords are speed and ease of treatment. Endospheres responds perfectly to the needs of beauty professionals who have to meet the demands of their clients. A clinically tested method with guaranteed results, Endospheres is the latest generation total body treatment that allows you to work on the entire body.

Thanks to its five synergic actions, the Total Body Endospheres treatment acts precisely on the causes of cellulite, restoring the correct physiological and vascular conditions of the tissue and carrying out localised remodelling on skin imperfections, considerably reducing the orange-peel effect and smoothing the tissues.

Legs and arms require the same interventions: treatment of cellulite imperfections, smoothing and firming of tissue, and toning of muscle. Using the compressive micro-vibration system, Endospheres manages to act on all these points simultaneously, in a synergic manner. The handpiece is designed precisely to be able to treat even the most difficult areas, such as the inner thighs and arms. These areas of the body, as well as being more difficult to treat because they are not easily accessible, are also those most prone to sagging tissue and muscle relaxation, due to age and a sedentary lifestyle.

Endospheres therefore ensures that in just a few sessions (a treatment cycle is usually 12 sessions) excellent results are achieved thanks to the actions that take place simultaneously: drainage, reduction of the orange peel effect, tissue smoothing, remodelling and toning of the muscle.

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