Should beauty bloggers research their advice more carefully?

safetyinbeauty.comA recent news article in the Daily Mail  revealed that DIY beauty tips issued by beauty bloggers, could actually be making our skin conditions worse, and at worst be hazardous for our skin health. Skincare expert Sharon Hilditch dispelled a number of frequent blogged and logged beauty hacks revealing that the majority are simply ‘not true’.

In the age of the internet there is a wealth of beauty blogs now available to us, with DIY make-up tutorials and beauty hacks and tips aplenty, But with such a dizzying array of information to pick through, it can often be difficult for the  reader or viewer to separate fact from fiction and decipher the hardcore truth as opposed to opinion or ill researched advice.

The article also alarmingly revealed that (23 per cent) of people have suffered a bad reaction after following ill-advised skincare tips.

Safety in Beauty respect a number of prominent bloggers and follow some engaging and interesting posts and videos, however, the campaign advocates that beauty bloggers should research their beauty and skincare advice better, and that before publishing, should verify their post content with a skincare professional or even better a dermatologist, cosmetic doctor, nurse or a medically qualified professional.

The Safety in Beauty Campaign believes that Beauty Bloggers should also issue a disclaimer at the start or end of blog or video posts, stating the viewer should be aware that their advice in purely opinion and that the viewer must do their research before taking on board their advice or tips.

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