Safety in Beauty Campaign Reacts to Cancer Patients Being Turned Away from Spa & Beauty Treatments

We’re shocked and totally appalled by recent news that women are being turned away from spas and told they cannot have massages and facials because they’ve had treatment for cancer.

Some of our campaign advisors and medical experts have today spoken out about this upsetting practice which is said to be commonplace in salons and spas up and down the country…

“People with cancer or who are recovering from it need care, understanding, empathy, love and pampering probably more than everyone else.” Dr Hilary Jones, TV Medic.

Dr Hilary went on to praise hair stylist Trevor Sorbie who has been doing amazing charity work expertly cutting wigs for cancer patients who have lost their hair after chemotherapy. He thinks spas should be following this fantastic lead.

“As patients we are incredibly well informed about what we can and can’t do, and this reasoning is based on a lack of knowledge, ignorance and fear of their insurance policies” Helen Blanchard, Aesthetic Nurse

Helen Blanchard has also told us about the Marina Dalglish breast cancer centre who have a pampering centre as part of, but away from the treatment centre to make it less hospital like. Marina, herself a breast cancer survivor, set up the unit after hearing that cancer patients were being turned away from spas. The staff at the pampering centre are passionate about making patients feel good about themselves.

“The code of ethics to which therapists are trained is not to make any judgement where a serious medical condition exists, but to seek guidance and assurance from the client’s doctor, which may or may not be forthcoming” Sally Durant, Safety in Beauty’s Educational Advisor.

However, Sally also says that there are many therapies and facials that can be offered instead of making someone feel discriminated against however she concludes that in the absence of any medical history any ethical therapist will want to be responsible and not treat a patient where a history of their condition cannot be assessed.

We have the upmost sympathy with all cancer patients and if you’re looking for accessible and safe beauty treatments, then we as a panel are always on hand to advise.

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