Safety In Beauty Attends The 25th DHI Annual Masters Meeting in Athens

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Mr Kostas Giotis, Founder of DHI Global to the 25th DHI Annual Masters Meeting in Athens to discover the latest innovations, research and developments in Hair Restoration Surgery,

The 26th Masters Academy Meeting was conducted with great success in Athens on the 1st and the 2nd of June 2018. The conference featured a thoroughly interesting and action packed agenda and was an unmissable opportunity for academics, scientists, doctors and partners of the Group, from all around the globe to catch up on some new, innovative DHI programmes, and be part of a 2-day ‘Hands On’ event dedicated to the Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Hair loss.

As Founder and Ambassador of Safety in Beauty, I was incredibly privileged to be given an exclusive insight in a new unique comprehensive consultation pathway, which assures the patient of secure systems implemented on a bespoke basis for future hair health care with a secure system of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

During this year’s Academy Masters Meeting, the Medical School of The University of Athens honoured Mr. Konstantinos Giotis, the founder of DHI, for his lifelong contribution to the field of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of Alopecia and of hair and scalp disorders. The award was given to Mr. Giotis by the Honourable, Prof. of Psychiatry, Charalampos Papageorgiou, in the ‘Ioannis Drakopoulos’ amphitheatre of the University, where everyone had a chance to congratulate Mr Giotis and be part of such an important event. This was a historic first, where a Greek University acknowledges the impact of an individual in the field of hair implantation and restoration.

Day 1, Friday, June 1st – DHI Headquarters Athens

The first day of the Academy Masters Meeting 2018 took place in the recently renovated DHI building in the heart of Athens and comprised of Hands On sessions, workshops and the presentation of the new and innovative DPR Medical Hair Care 360 programme. During the whole day, the DHI Medical team conducted the following sessions:

Direct Hair Implantation with 5,000 Hairs in One Day
Unshaven Session with 7,000 Hairs and Strip Repair (2 day session)
Beard Restoration
Man vs Machine: The D. Electric System
Eyebrow Restoration
A New PRP Approach
Linear MPG: Before and After Hair Transplantation
Hair Prosthetics

Concurrent sessions included seminars on hair restoration safety, the role of antioxidants and the new DHI products, as well as the new and innovative DPR Medical Hair Care 360 programme. The DPR Medical Hair Care 360 programme has been a collaborative development with the Medical School of the University of Athens. The new DPR Medical Hair Care 360 programme focuses on the holistic and scientific approach in the diagnosis of hair loss, and the multiple factors contributing such as psychological factors, gene predisposition and dietary approaches of each patient.

Day 2, Saturday, June 2nd – The National & Kapodistrian University of Athens

The second day of the Academy Masters Meeting took place at the University of Athens, where Mr Giotis, the founder of DHI, was honoured for his lifelong contribution to the field of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of Alopecia and diseases of hair and scalp. During his acknowledgment speech, while very humbled, Mr Giotis highlighted again how important is patients safety for DHI and presented in detail the innovative DPR Holistic Medical Hair Care 360.

Following this, the innovative diagnostic tests that DHI is currently using and developing (DNA Test, Stress Test & Hair Protein test) were presented in detail by the University of Athens collaborators. Finally, the audience was also addressed by the Hon Panagiotis Skandalakis, Professor of Anatomy and Hon Charalampos Papageorgiou, Professor of Psychiatry, from the University of Athens.

Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony – Athens Lawn Tennis Club

The 26th Academy Masters Meeting was concluded with a Gala dinner, held at the Athens Lawn Tennis Club, where the annual DHI Global Medical Group awards were presented to Partners.

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