Rheagen Hendry Joins Safety in Beauty Advisory Panel

IMG_2983Following the well publicised and tragic death of her mother in 2009 after a botched routine cosmetic procedure in 2002, Rheagan Hendry set out to help pave the way and campaign for safer cosmetic & aesthetics surgery.
With her achievement as Inspirational Woman of the Year 2011 and 2 other award wins under her belt, Rheagan continues and vows to empower women and girls everywhere who have suffered with their own battles for beauty.
Rheagan is now a Mum to 2 beautiful daughters, as well as running her own health & wellbeing business, and she is here to share and support with her own experiences. Importantly to Rheagan and those she is a voice for, it is the need for change to cosmetic & aesthetics surgeries and the way they are regulated. She strives to ensure that surgery safety & regulation comes foremost for the care of the public and not at the cost.

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