Receive £5 worth of Boots’ points with their new recycling scheme

Receive £5 worth of Boots’ points with their new recycling scheme

Receive £5 worth of Boots’ points with their new recycling scheme. Here’s how:

Boots has announced a new initiative to encourage customers to bring in empty pots and tubes of previously bought products. For five empties customers can receive 500 Boots Advantage Card Points, which is also worth £5. This scheme is available in 50 Boots stores across the UK and is known as the Boots Recycling Scheme.

H&M has a similar scheme where they recycle clothes that have been bought from any shop in exchange for £5, whilst the Boot’s scheme offers a return in beauty products in return for points. Boots have been able to achieve this by partnering with a recycling company called Scan2Recycle. In order to receive points, first the empties must be scanned on the Scan2Recycle website using a mobile phone. Following this, the products must be deposited at a Boots in store recycling point. The empties must be clean with previous product cleared out, however they are lenient with difficult packaging, such as mascara. Finally, the empty products are returned to Boots’ recycling partner, Reworked where the empties are formed into new products.

Whilst most products are able to be recycled there are some products which aren’t acceptable in the scheme. These products include aerosol cans, nail polish bottles, hair dyes, perfume bottles, brow and eyelash tints, safety razors and razor blades, disposable razors and razor heads which cannot be taken due to health and safety reasons.

Boots are not the only beauty brand to have a recycling incentive. Maybelline have a Not Make Waste recycling scheme where customers can drop off used makeup in recycling bins which are in Tesco, Sainsbury’s. Superdrug and Boots. Cloudnine have also released an incentive with their straightener service which has recycled over 50,000 straighteners since last August. Finally, L’Occitane has a programme where customers can recycle any brand empties at all of their in store boutiques or via the post.

By Hannah Spalding

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