Rachael Knappier Joins Safety in Beauty as a Public Safety Ambassador

Rachael Knappier joins Safety in Beauty as a Public Safety Ambassador and vows to use her traumatic experience as a victim, to help make changes and stop other people suffering the same agony.

  • Rachael Knappier has featured in world wide press over the last few months as a victim of a botched aesthetic lip treatment by a beautician with no training or experience in medical complications.
  • Local MP of Leicestershire, Alberto Costa has supported Rachael Knappier and has raised the question of safety in the cosmetic interventions industry during Prime Ministers Question Time in Parliament
  • Rachael has gathered over 3,000 signatures on a petition she created on line

Rachael Knappier is a legal professional and works as Head of Operations for a law company. Rachael made the media headlines in late 2018 and 2019 currently, for having undergone a lip filler treatment with a beautician who had no medical training or experience in resolving or dealing with complications. As a result of the sub standard treatment, Rachael suffered a horrific injury to her lips culminating in a trip to A&E and having to seek out urgent private medical care with The Consultant Clinic to address and rectify the damage her lips had undergone.

As a result of her traumatic experience, she has made the brave decision to publicly speak out to the press and media, in a bid to create awareness, her objective is to demonstrate to the public the dangers of poorly trained inexperienced individuals offering aesthetic treatments to the public.

Rachael contacted her local MP Alberto Costa, who has succeeded in bringing her case and the lack of regulation to the eyes and ears of the government, during Prime Ministers question time last week.

The government now more than ever faces intense pressure, and scrutiny for the serious lack of regulation in the UK aesthetics industry.

Rachael will provide a voice of support to the public that contact The Safety in Beauty Campaign, who have undergone similar experiences, she will also engage in public speaking roles on behalf of The Safety in Beauty Campaign, sharing her journey and experiences.

With a passionate dedication to her objectives, Rachael will also be training in Victim Support via Safety in Beauty during the course of her Ambassador role in 2019.

The Safety in Beauty Campaign is proud to support Rachael in her goal to influence change via her MP Alberto Costa in Parliament, and we are delighted to be proactively aiding her efforts throughout the process.

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