Plastic Microbeads – How Cleaning Up the Beauty Industry Will Clean Up the Environment

By now you’ve probably heard the news that the UK government has banned the use of plastic microbeads in rinse-off beauty products. This is fantastic for the health of the environment. These tiny plastic beads in our exfoliators were being rinsed off in our showers into the main waterways and eventually ending up out at sea, where they were being mistakenly eaten by marine life. Scarily, it’s also thought they were entering our food chain too, in the stomachs of the bigger fish caught for us to eat.

But it’s not just the obvious products like body exfoliators and face scrubs that contain microbeads. Toothpastes and supposedly non-exfoliating shower gels and face washes also contain them.

Banning them and replacing them with natural alternatives such as crushed apricot kernels and salts is far better all round. We’re proud to be part of an industry taking action to clean up its act and lessen its impact on the environment.

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