Petroleum Jelly as Mascara? Here’s Why it’s a Bad Idea

A backlash has emerged over a beauty blogger giving you tube tutorials on achieving length lashes with the help of Petroleum Jelly (also known as brand name Vaseline)

The Beauty Blogger encouraged the public to discover how mixing black eye shadow with some primer and petroleum jelly could achieve an instant lash lengthening and thickening effect.

But Safety in Beauty ask: is it any good for your eyes?

Turns out, not necessarily.

Petroleum jelly is an effective moisture locking agent. You only need to add some to your lips, or dry skin, to know that it’s great at sealing in moisture and acting as a skin barrier.

Dermatology specialist, Dr Rachel Nazarian told Pop Sugar that “since petroleum jelly works so well as a moisture barrier it may cause a blocking of the delicate glands and pores around the eye area. This can lead to inflammation and possible styes”.

We definitely recommend sticking to mascara.

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