Nominations Open to Find Best Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon of The Year

6th July 2019: The Dorchester Hotel, Park lane: Safety in Beauty Celebrates 5 Year of Campaigning for Milestones in Safety and 5 Years of The Diamond Awards,

It’s that time of year again, when we celebrate the companies, individuals and brands doing things right in the aesthetics and cosmetic interventions industry. Since launching The Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards5 years ago, they’ve become a prestigious and highly acclaimed event, and we’re proud to be presenting a 5th year of awards, as well as celebrating 5 years of our campaign work and milestones

The awards are dedicated to recognising and paying special tribute to the many outstanding businesses, professionals, brands and service providers in the beauty, cosmetic interventions and aesthetics industry. The awards highlight those going the extra mile in dedication and excellence and those in pursuit of the highest standards of safety in an industry frustratingly tainted by the rogue minority.

This year ICE Aesthetic Medical Cryolipolysis proudly sponsor the search Best Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon of The Year 2019,

Here are 5 Winning Factors that make a safe award winning surgeon – please nominate a surgeon you think deserves The Safety in Beauty Diamond Award 2019.

Technical Expertise – all other skills wouldn’t count for much iF a surgeon doesn’t have the technical ability to execute cosmetic procedures with ability and finesse. These determine the quality of the work, how well it blends in with the patient’s body, and the speed of recovery.

Experience – aside from technical in depth training, every surgeon benefits immeasurably from having a wealth of experience. Having carried out a procedure hundreds of times before, means that a good surgeon will have come up against common questions and challenges and knows how to resolve them.

Specialist Registration with The General Medical Council isn’t just a formality. Having this registration means that a surgeon has specialised training in cosmetic/plastic surgery. Maintaining registration also means that a surgeon will have to do a certain amount of ongoing education to ensure that he or she is has knowledge of the most current research in their field.

Prudence – cosmetic surgery is not a field where “the customer is always right”. As a medical expert, a plastic surgeon is tasked with consulting with patients and giving his or her opinion on what results are attainable and which procedures may not make sense for a particular outcome that the patient is looking for. A good surgeon knows when to say no.

Testimonials and Before & After Photos – like an artist, your plastic surgeon should be able to provide you with a before & after portfolio that showcases his or her work and the range of procedures he or she is comfortable with. Photo’s should always be the surgeons own and be up to date and clearly untouched by photoshop.

We want your help to find the cosmetic/plastic surgeon of the year, one that has transformed lives through hard work, dedication, safety and excellence, vote for yours today here ..

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