New Study from University of Rhode Islands reveals Maple Leaf Extract could be next Botox?

A new study by The University of Rhode Island, reveals that an extract found within maple leaves could herald the dawn of a new era in anti ageing.

The extract found within maple leaf blocks the release of an enzyme called elastase, this enzyme is responsible for breaking down elastin in our skin, the crucial protein factor that keeps skin looking, plump and youthful. Over time elastin breaks down and the result is with age we see those pesky fine lines and wrinkles.

The University also discovered that maple leaf extract can also protect the skin from inflammation and even lighten age spots and balance out pigmentations, these previous discoveries led them to the latest breakthrough in the current research found.

It is yet unknown, how the extract of maple leaf could be commercially converted to help fight the effects of ageing, but some experts have hinted that this is more likely to be available as a plant based oral supplement or topical treatment if it makes it to market.

We look forward to reading developments on this in the future…

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