Our New Expert Advisory Panel Announced


The Safety in Beauty Campaign
Announcing a leading expert advisory panel to highlight safe practice in the Beauty, Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery industries

Last month marked the three-year anniversary for the UK’s only independent non-commercial resource for victims of botched beauty and cosmetic procedures.
However, The Safety in Beauty Campaign reports that the industry is not an “inch safer than it was three years ago at the height of the PIP cosmetic breast implant scandal”

Campaign founder Antonia Mariconda stated;

“If anything, the industry is now actually worse than ever, with any Tom, Dick and Harriet jumping on the cosmetic cash lucrative commercial bandwagon”.

The Campaign, which has celebrated a number of significant milestones since its conception, has successfully managed to influence and change an increasingly worrying industry. With little regulation in place, members of the public are left vulnerable and without support or resource for when treatments and services are provided at a substandard level.

The Safety in Beauty Campaign was founded by Antonia Mariconda, a car crash victim and beauty writer who underwent 7 plastic surgery procedures herself.
She says;

“For three years we have worked tirelessly to protect the public from cosmetic cowboys, who are now rife in the industry, either unscrupulously flying in from abroad to cash in on the cosmetic boom of the last few years, or to undertake poor substandard, unregulated training in cosmetic injections and cash in on the lucrative sector.”

Reaching an all-time peak, the Campaign also reports an alarming rise in complaints submitted by the public in sectors including; lasers, aesthetic treatments, cosmetic tattooing, and fake beauty products and devices.

To mark the third year of activity, the Campaign announce their new expert advisory panel, featuring an impressive array of some of the UK’s most illustrious experts in beauty, aesthetics and cosmetic surgery industries. They all unite with one common objective – to crack down on the ‘cosmetic cowboys’ and to increase awareness of rogue activities.

Leading UK plastic surgeon, Norman Waterhouse, stated on behalf of the Campaign;

“The only way we can continue to safe-guard the public is to continue to create awareness of the safe ways to seek cosmetic enhancements, with reputable experienced medical professionals. We cannot drive this message enough, and we must continue to do so.”

The Campaign expert advisory panel features;
Norman Waterhouse – Specialist Plastic Surgeon
Ms Jonquille Chantrey – Cosmetic Surgeon and Medical Aesthetic Doctor
Dr. Stefanie Williams – Dermatologist
Mr Bessam Farjo – Hair Transplant Surgeon
Dr. Ariel Haus – Dermatologist and Aesthetic Expert
Rachel Goddard – Aesthetic Nurse and Independent Prescriber
James Goolnik – Dentist
Dr. Philippe Hamida-Pisal – Mesotherapy and Aesthetic Doctor
Tracie Giles – Permanent Make Up Expert

Industry Technical Experts include;
Mandy Luckman and Cheryl Palmer Hughes– Clinical Negligence Lawyer
Sandra Fishlock – Industry Aesthetic Fillers Expert
Norman Wright – Psychotherapist
Dr. Hilary Jones – Celebrity GP

*further panel members are currently joining*

Launched in October 2013 by Antonia Mariconda – The Safety in Beauty Campaign was a direct response to the growing dissatisfaction and devastation caused by dubious treatments; a group formed of like-minded professionals and experts.

The Safety in Beauty Campaign seeks to:

  • Help, educate and empower consumers
  • Facilitate a better, safer, more transparent industry
  • Give peace of mind to everyone seeking to improve their looks, and guide a safe pathway to achieve this
  • Assist members of the public by allowing them limited FREE access to emotional, legal and medical advice and support

The Campaign also works closely with the press and media to raise awareness of malpractice within the beauty and aesthetic industries.

For case studies of botched beauty or cosmetic treatments, interviews, quotes or opinions with expert campaign professionals: please contact Lucy Dartford PR on 020 3370 4910 or email lucy@lucydartford.comchimere@lucydartford.com

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