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Press Release: 4th June 2014

BeautyTracker-LogoIrwin Mitchell and Antonia Mariconda have jointly launched the Safety in Beauty app and campaign. The software helps to build a personal diary about beauty product and treatment usage.

Irwin Mitchell and Safety in Beauty is pleased to announce the launch of a new app called Beauty Tracker. The app is a free tool to use that will help the consumer shop for quality beauty products and services.

The software flags any risks or possible complications from beauty treatments and products. It also advises, guides and provides assistance if there are problems with a treatment. Users can journal previous appointments and any problems with a treatment. It becomes an archive or personal beauty passport.

Safety in Beauty and Irwin Mitchell jointly are responsible for the campaign, implemented in 2013. Antonia Mariconda of the Safety in Beauty campaign explained that many people have already reported problems with various beauty products and procedures. She hopes to gather enough evidence of bad practices in the industry so that governmental action can be taken.

A test preview of the app will be held at 6pm on 4th June 2015, at The Wyld Bar, W Hotel, Leicester Square, 10 Wardour Street, London. The exclusive champagne reception will celebrate the launch of the revolutionary app that empowers buyers of beauty products to purchase safely. The app is in its first phase of development and testing and will continue to refine information and support as consumer testing and feedback is received in its first year of launch.

The app is a way of documenting problems with the use of certain products in order that a personal profile can be created. Everyone wants to look their best, but shouldn’t have to suffer from bad practices and bad products in the beauty industry. Tracking problems as individuals and as consumer groups is the best way to fight sub-standard and potentially dangerous products and activities.

Antonia Mariconda is a health and beauty writer, blogger, presenter and coach. She is also a beauty brand consultant within the industry.

Irwin Mitchell has a specialist team dedicated to cosmetic and beauty procedures who aim to promote awareness of the high standards that should be maintained within the industry to help make cosmetic treatments safer for everyone.

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About Beauty Tracker App

Beauty Tracker App hopes to make the health and beauty industry a much safer place for consumers and help them avoid bad sellers and services.

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