New Annual Advisory Board 2015/2016

The Safety in Beauty Campaign is proud to announce a new advisory panel with effect from November 2015 to November 2016.

Safety In Beauty Campaign

Medical & Scientific

Mrs. Sabrina Shah-Desai

Dr. Daniel L. Sister

Dr. Leah Totton

Dr David Eccleston

Dr. Philippe Hamida-Pisal

Sujata Jolly

Karen Betts

Lorna Bowes

Stefan Cano

Industry Focus Panel

Esther Fieldgrass

Mandy Luckman

Cheryl Palmer Hughes

Extended List of Voluntary Campaign Advisors

Dr. Gabriela Mercik – PDO Facial Threads Treatments

Pam Cushing – Topical Skin Peels

Dr. Marco La Malfa – Anaesthetics

Vicky Eldridge – Media Commentator for general industry news and topics

We are constantly working to extend our advisory panel.

Please stay up to date with our developments as we will shortly announce campaign advisors for:

Cosmetics and Make Up

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

General Beauty Treatments

Medical Devices

Lasers & Laser Treatment



Holistic Treatments

Nails and Nail Treatments

Training & Education

Cosmetic Surgery

 Voluntary Content Contributors

Naomi Nissen – News and Updates (Aesthetics)

Yusra Al-Mukhtar- News and Updates (Dental)

Website Editor: Antonia Mariconda

With Kind Thanks

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