My decision to remove our 2019 awards from The Dorchester Hotel

Dear Friends,

Many of you will have seen news reports these last few days echoing the outcry and the shock reaction globally, following news reports of the recent decision by The Sultan of Brunei to impose a death sentence of stoning and whipping against gay people, until they reach death by such punishment.
The news as such is factual and as of today it has become an enforceable law in Brunei.
Many celebrities, and notable public figures, corporations and professionals including hundreds of human rights organizations have announced a global boycott of all the luxury hotels owned by The Sultan of Brunei, including the venue that The Safety In Beauty Campaign had chosen for its 5th annual Diamond Awards in July 6th, which was The Dorchester on Park Lane.
On behalf of The Safety In Beauty Campaign, committee and advisory panel, I have made the decision as the founder, to withdraw our event from this venue. Neither I, nor any member of my organisation, including any sponsor, or collaborator, volunteer or advisory panel member, wish to support, or advocate such a horrific violation of humanity, nor does our event wish to fund the pocket of a ruler associated with such inexcusable outrageous intolerance of any human being and their own private choices.
No human should suffer any consequence, let alone death, for any decision they make in their own private life, it is a cruel violation of humanity.
We welcome, celebrate and embrace the diversity of every race, age, background, religion, gender, and sexuality; we embrace this globally, and within our industry and community.
We do not tolerate unjustified cruelty or discrimination of any kind, to any human being.
We are proud to withdraw our event from The Dorchester Hotel with immediate effect, and we are delighted to host this event now at The Hilton Ballroom on Park Lane on July 6th 2019, and you are all welcome to attend.
With love and respect always…
Antonia Mariconda
& Safety In Beauty

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