Model warns public of the dangers of “booze and Botox”

5th Jan, By Thomas Burrows (The Sun)

A MODEL has warned of the dangers of “booze and Botox” parties after she was left with painful lumps in her lips following a botched procedure.

Grace Teal, 31, from Scunthorpe, told how she and three pals glugged Prosecco before paying a cut-price rate of £80 each for lip fillers at a boozy Botox bash.

Model Grace Teal was left with lumps in her lips after a botched procedure at a ‘booze and Botox’ party.

Speaking to The Sun Newspaper, Grace gave a candid interview into how almost immediately after the op, Grace said she felt her lips were bruised and swollen.

When the swelling finally went down, Grace was left with painful lumps in her lips. Mum-of-one Grace had to get a specialist to stick a pin into the lumps in her lips and squeeze them out

Safety in Beauty Founder; Antonia Mariconda also interviewed in the same article stated:

“Alcohol and Botox are two words that should never be in the same sentence.”

She added: “I have seen disastrous consequences due to the increase the last 3 years of boozy Botox parties.

“A free glass of Prosecco should never be the incentive to have cheap fillers or toxin injections in somebody’s kitchen, the implications are just disastrous, these are serious invasive injections that can result in many kind of allergic reactions.

“In addition to that, the ability to make clear informed uninfluenced decision while consuming alcohol is hardly a sensible step.

“Practitioners or really cosmetic cowboys and girls as they should be aptly named, who lure clients in to have injections via a free glass of booze and some nibbles are just plainly unscrupulous, cheap and money grabbing unethical individuals.

“No self-respecting medical professional would stoop so low to take people’s money without any regards for safety, well-being and hygiene.

“It’s tacky, cheap, desperate and seriously wrong”.

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