Medical Community in Outrage over Beauticians Human Head Dissection Course

Exclusive: On the 30th December a video popped up on my feed on You Tube ‘Facial Dissection Course” was amongst the words in the title, but this was no medical tutorial or video led by a distinguished panel of university professors or seasoned medics and professionals, this was a 25 minute video presented by a non medically qualified Beauty Therapist called Maxine McCarthy who leads a ‘training’ company called Cosmetic Couture, her role: teaching other  non medically qualified beauticians to inject toxins and cosmetic fillers into the faces of the mass public. Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 11.55.32

The courses led by McCarthy enable beauty therapists with no formal medical qualifications or training in medicine at all, to wield a needle into the faces of the general public. Currently the law in the UK does not prohibit beauty therapists carrying out toxin injections and cosmetic fillers, despite the substantially large amount of botched beauty cases being reported to the media and medical organisations by non medically qualified ‘practitioners’.

The University of Newcastle declines any knowledge of this being a University led or associated course, they wish to make it clear the course is not hosted, run or organised by Newcastle University, the University simply rent training areas to 3rd party ‘Allied Health Professionals’, which then begs the question why use is the University emblem and branding used in the video? is this not misleading the public to assume this is a University accredited course? we are happy to stand corrected where need be.

You only have to look at the stories generated daily on-line to see the percentage of badly qualified and non medically qualified ‘practitioners’ carrying out substandard and potentially hazardous work to vulnerable people.

Sir Bruce Keogh promised a cleaner, transparent, improved aesthetics industry more than two years ago – but so far he has failed in his many undelivered promises. Has the industry improved? no it has actually got worse in our opinion.

McCarthy is not breaking the law by ‘teaching’, she is making a living by recruiting other ‘injectors’  eager to jump on the bandwagon of an ever growing aesthetics industry, but the safety in beauty campaign continues to ask the public one simple question ‘would you let a non medically qualified person inject your face?’ It seems our uncomfortable question continues to cause anger amongst the beauticians that inject fillers and botox for lucrative returns.

The long rambling video and the actual birth of the ‘first ever’ beautician led human dissection course on a human head (cadaver) has led to outrage amongst the medical community who feel insulted that the video carries statements made by McCarthy such as “beauticians are actually low claims risk” – The Safety in Beauty Campaign disagrees with this statement completely and has substantial data to refute this claim, just because a beautician has not claimed for a botched procedure via an insurance company does not mean that botched procedures are not happening daily! weekly! monthly!

Once again this video (in our opinion as a campaign) does nothing but offend the medical profession that spend six years as a minimum working hard to earn a medical qualification, let’s not forget the further years spent training in specialities, and of course the continuous professional development, revalidation, insurance, and jumping through a lifetime of bureaucratic hoops for the privilege. A career in medicine is not Rock n Roll.

The video and some comments made by the participants within it undermine a professional that is centuries old, not just ‘2 days’ picking and staring at a human cadaver, (which is another debate altogether but it does beg the question why are beauticians allowed to freely pick and dissect a human head donated for medical and scientific purposes with no absolute medical training or qualification whatsoever?) no… wait I hear they have an NVQ…..

This campaign is often accused of bullying beauticians – far from it – we respect all professions, but I have yet to read a comment from a plastic surgeon claiming to be able to perform a leg wax or a relaxing hot stone massage better than a beautician. I think you get my point here.

McCarthy  and the participants in the video are also seen wearing blue ‘scrubs’ confined traditionally to being worn by medically qualified professionals only, or at least employed individuals in a national health service organisation such as a ward porter or staff in a hospital.

Further outrageous comments include “I believe a medic is more bothered about money than us” is made by one of the unnamed attendees.

The Safety in Beauty Organisation believes that only medically qualified professionals should carry out invasive injectable cosmetic treatments such as Botox and Cosmetic Fillers, we believe that if a person is not qualified to deal with a potentially serious complication then they should not carry out a treatment. It is the campaigns right to uphold and state this opinion. It is an opinion backed by almost the entire British medical community, the same community who are often left to pick up the pieces of botched work performed by sub standard providers.

This campaign has battled hard to stop a practice where too many individuals have profited from the vulnerabilities of the general public without a thought or regard for their health or wellbeing. We applaud all entities that are committed to improving the standard within the industry but we do not applaud the undermining of the medical professional, nor do we feel it is appropriate for this kind of activity to take place on donated human bodies, a subject that evokes much sensitivity and debate especially if the experimenters and dissectors are non medics.

What’s next beauticians carrying out appendectomies? We wish to see a firm and rapid halt to this kind of activity.

A human cadaver donated to a university establishment should be used only for the purposes of scientific and medical development by the very professionals who have earnt the right to be able to dissect it respectfully, a right accrued through years of training and study and commitment, not for ‘probing’ by non medics such as beauticians. Whilst we understand the beauticians stating that the attended this course to improve their knowledge and skills an approach welcome by many – we still believe as a campaign that the implications of this activity have a much deeper effect.

Take a look at the comments some of the medical community and members of the public have made on social media, what do you think? please do leave a comment and share you views, expect this story to be in the general media domain soon…

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