Lip Fillers

What is lip filler?

Lip filler is now one of the most common aesthetics treatments being undergone in salons and clinics. It is an injectable treatment which helps to plump the lips, giving a fuller looking pout. This is generally used to make the lips appear larger, but it can also be used to create balance for lips which may not be symmetrical and to give added to definition to lips which are thinner and finer.

Who is an ideal candidate for lip filler?

Lip fillers should only be administered on anyone aged 18 or over. They can be great for those who are experiencing a loss of volume due to the ageing process and can help to make you look younger but are also very popular with younger adults who are not happy with the shape or size of their natural lips. If you are a smoker, this can affect blood clotting and alter the texture of your lips, and those with diabetes may find the healing process more difficult.

How does lip filler work?

Your practitioner will use different amounts and techniques according to the look that you are hoping to achieve. Most lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid which is then injected into the body or the border of the lips, and it may need to be very gently massaged into place. The filler will then sit in place and attract water to help them hold their shape as their integrate with the tissue of the skin.

  • How long do the results last? 6 months
  • Treatment duration time: 15-60 minutes
  • Anaesthesia required: Numbing cream
  • Downtime:1-3 days
  • Costs: £150-£500

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