Leading Doctor warns of ticking time bomb with Cosmetic Fillers.

Acute Shortage of emergency drugs to reverse procedure places consumers at higher risk of irreversible scarring warn Safety in Beauty Taskforce

Whilst poor cosmetic outcomes reported in the press from poorly trained or unqualified practitioners is now an unfortunate but common occurrence, there are far more serious complications arising from the blockage of arteries that are directly injected with the product, or pressure from adjacent placement and swelling.

  1. This can lead to the closure of the blood supply to the skin and the necrosis and scarring of the adjacent tissue
  2. The propagation of filler through the vessels can enter the brain and cause blindness

In the UK, whilst access to fillers are now readily available, only healthcare professionals with prescribing rights are able to access Hyaluronidase, a prescription drug that can be used off licence to reverse the effects of the poor cosmetic outcomes and in emergencies. Reputable Clinics stock the medicine as part of their emergency drug kit.  However, for the past two months a manufacturing problem at Wockhart, has meant that stocks of the drug have run dry and clinics are now unable to deal with the most serious of complications.

One of the Uks leading hyaluronidase experts, Founder of Revere Clinics and Chairman of the Safety in Beauty Taskforce Dr Sach Mohan explains, “Whilst the chances of a vascular occlusion during a routine Non Surgical Filler procedure are rare, the risks are always present. I would urge that any patient booking into a clinic ensure that they are checking that their practitioner has the necessary training and stock of emergency hyalase before they even confirm their appointment”.

Dr Mohan continues “ Pharmacies with any remaining stock are now rationing the supply to one vial per clinic, Clinics are keeping stock for emergencies only and turning away routine “botched” corrections. Revere has noticed a massive increase in patients seeking cosmetic corrections, with a surge in over 400% in February compared to January 2019, as patients frantically search for Clinics with stock. We are lucky enough to have kept significant stock of the drug as part of our commitment to the  Taskforce and as one of the few referral centres for hundreds of other practitioners seeking help for their patients.

Reference : Healthxchange Pharmacy 21st February 2019


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