Kylie Jenner and the teenage Lip Filler debate


The Kardashians are no strangers to media frenzy and in 2015 you couldn’t look anywhere without seeing the story about how Kylie Jenner, at just 17 years old, admitted to having lip enhancement using dermal filler injections. This set off a worldwide trend for teenage girls to start to follow suit and the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge was born.

Thousands upon thousands of young girls raced to their local clinics, demanding the same look as Kylie’s and although some were at least sensible in finding reputable clinicians to undertake their procedures, many went underground to unqualified and incompetent practitioners, probably due to the more professional provider refusing treatment on the grounds that these girls were, simply, too young! This resulted in some devastating results, some causing permanent damage and leaving these girls having to undergo further surgery to repair the damage.

So, the question now stands, would you let your 17-year-old daughter undergo such treatment? And if so, at what age do you draw the line?

What the law says on under age cosmetic enhancements  – BAAPS

There are certain situations in which plastic surgery may assist a teenager with an obvious deformity, for example marked asymmetry of their breast or correction of a substantial nasal deformity.
However, surgery on a teenager should not be taken lightly- body development, maturity and self-esteem all must be considered before proceeding with such a procedure.

What the psychologist says (psychologist Diana Zuckerman, PhD)

In 2004, about 240,682 cosmetic procedures were  performed on patients 18 years old or younger, and the top surgical procedures were nose reshaping, breast lifts, breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tucks. However, very few studies have been conducted to examine the safety and long-term risks of these procedures on adolescents, an age in which teenagers are still developing mentally and physically.

What the plastic surgeon said: Dr.Terry Dubrow, Plastic Surgeon

The reality star is a trendsetter like no other in pop culture currently: I have called Kylie Jenner, in my opinion, the next Marilyn Monroe, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons now has opened that up and feels it is okay to do these injections in 17 and 16-year-olds.
Source: Daily Mail

What the Doctor said:
Dr Alex Karidis, Cosmetic Doctor

social media has been a driving force in this movement. For these girls, Instagram is a way of life. They want to document everything and want to look perfect while doing so”
Source: Telegraph Newspaper

What the Mums say
Julie Cardozo-Marsh Mother & Business Woman
West Midlands

I would certainty not want my Daughter emulating Kylie Jenner at such a young age, what’s the next  BIG cosmetic procedure for 2016? Where does it all stop?

Vinnie Thandi, Mother and Dentist

It’s a shame she doesn’t look like 17 year old anymore

Samantha Jarrett, Mother & Model

I personally feel that Kylie Jenner does look better with her fillers, let’s not lose sight of her personal extraordinary life and siblings, I personally wouldn’t prevent my daughter if she really felt it necessary and sought correct medical advice and I felt that perhaps it may enhance her beauty

Sarah Bailey, Mother & Housewife

There is no way on earth I will allow my daughters to do that, let kids be kids, not robots, and fake dolls

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