Katie Price criticised for choosing an “under qualified” therapist says newspaper

safety in beauty campaign katie price fillers holly spedding

7th June 2015: An national newspaper article today says celebrities carry the burden of responsibility in who they choose to carry out cosmetic interventions and that they should “adhere” to professional recommendations, the article was published in the wake of an “aesthetician” carrying out injectable fillers on the celebrity Katie Price and then using the photos taken during the actual treatment for self promotion on social media.

Scores of medical experts and professionals conveyed their fury and disappointment at the choice of injector given that the provider administering the potentially dangerous injections to Katie Price is not medically qualified and unable to deal with a serious medical complication.

This week The Safety in Campaign Facebook page was targeted with abusive comments from public individuals supporting the aesthetician at the heart of the debate. Members of the medical community were sworn at and abusively targeted for sharing their opinions on consumer safety and medical qualifications regarding potential complications.

The post which reached out to over 15,000 people on social media was removed following complaints from the public of swearing and distressful comments made by a small isolated group of individuals to members of the medical profession and to the campaign page.

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