In the UK 40% of people suffer with sleep issues

In the UK 40% of people suffer with sleep issues

Product Review – Olverum Sleep Pillow Mist With all the stresses of 2020 it is no surprise that sleep statistics indicate the lack of good quality sleep we are getting.

In the UK 40% of people suffer with sleep issues which can lead to the 20% of road deaths related to fatigue. To make it worse, 25% or school children are not getting enough sleep and sleep deprivation costs the UK economy £40.2 billion.

Sleep is known to be the ultimate beauty secret and encourages a faster metabolism and memory, as well as maintains mood.

At safety in beauty we are huge advocates getting a good night’s sleep by any means necessary, but of course we advocate the safest way possible.

Here is one solution we found and love; a pillow spray. This restful sleep pillow mist by Olverum defeats insomnia by promoting restful sleep.

How to Use

The pillow spray is a fine mist which lines the pillow with two sprays, either onto the pillow from 30cm or into the air. Olverum recommends that for the best results of the mist, it should be applied a few minutes prior to rest or sleep.

How Does it Work?

This unique pillow mist combines an original mixture of essential oils which include pergamot, amyris and lavender. Each of the ingredients work in a special way to help individuals with falling asleep. The bergamont is known for relaxing the body and elevating mood; the amyris relieves anxiety and stress and works to calm the mind; whilst the cool lavender encourages a deeper sleep.

Key Benefits

The Olverum Restful Pillow Sleep Mist not only encourages a restful sleep but also has a serene natural frangrance and works to evoke sensations of calm and comfort. Additionally, it has a fine mist which doesn’t leave stains on bedding and all of the ingredients are natural, vegan and cruelty-free so can be used by anyone.

Where to Purchase

To get your hands on the Olverum Restful Pillow Sleep Mist, it can be purchased for £25.00 on the Olverum website or many online beauty retailers such as Space NK and Les Senteurs.

By Hannah Spalding

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