How to give yourself A ‘Spa facial’ at home

How to give yourself A ‘Spa facial’ at home

The long anticipated wait for your favourite skin care specialist to open their doors and work their magic on your skin almost feels like a tease of late. Many may find it trivial to think of a facial at a time like this…after all we are still in the middle of a pandemic !

But those of us within this profession know what we serve to our customers is so much more than a facial right ?

When our customers come through our clinic/salon doors we ensure a warm smile awaits them on arrival and we know the whole experience from start to finish has multiple benefits.

The professional advice and expertise, the atmosphere, the dedicated time that allows our customers to completely switch off and have some well deserved  time out for themselves is invaluable. Not to mention the mental health benefits, as they often release so much during a treatment session.

So this is where we now have to start being creative and try and recreate for ourselves a special place for us to enjoy a professional facial at home.

So here are my personal  tips:

Dedicate a quiet time and place where you can unwind, NOT be interrupted and do all of this completely guilt free !

Pull out all your skincare products, line them up and get set to pamper & care for your skin. But first we need to create the right atmosphere. So slip into some comfy clothes,  turn off your phone, get away from social media and select some instrumental background music from YouTube. Maybe a scented candle to really set the mood.

Step 1 Double cleanse

I like to use the Medik8 Surface radiance cleanser £18 Infused with an exfoliating blend of mandelic, lactic and salicylic acid, this helps to gently renew and clean the skin. Perfect for normal to oily skin types like myself. Ensuring all areas have been included, paying special attention to areas such as around the hair line as this is often an area that has product build up and extend down to the neck &  decolletage. Now you can leave your skin damp for the next stage or dry with some clean cotton pads or a clean soft towel.

Another great recommendation is the Skinceuticals Blemish & Age Cleanser £40

Great for decongesting the skin and with anti aging benefits too. A combination of glycolic & salicylic acid to brighten the complexion, perfect for hormonal & blemish prone skin types.

Step 2 Exfoliation

This is a must and my personal favourite that I recommend to use 2-3 times a week is the Medik8 pore refining scrub £29 A creamy texture with natural jojoba grains to slough away dead skin cells. No fluffy unnecessary ingredients and a combination of physical & chemical ingredients.

And for anyone who wants a hard core no nonsense ‘microdermabrasion in a pot’ type of feeling ’ the ZO Medical Exfoliating polish which uses magnesium crystals is a great alternative.

Step 3 Mask

The Dermaroller hyaluronic sheet mask by Aestheticare is the ultimate moisturising mask with Vitamin E, Hyaluronic acid and peptides. We all know and love the benefits of Hyaluronic acid. And I like to think of it  acting like a sponge holding up to 1000x its own weight in water.

Extra tip is to make sure you squeeze out every last drop and smother it over your neck, decolletage and even to the backs of hands.You can even leave it in the fridge before using so it’s nice and cool.

Step 4

And last but not least, serums, hydration, night cream. Whatever your choice, now is the time to seal your skin to perfection. Take your time as you use upwards strokes to give yourself a relaxing face massage. Start from the neck and work the product up and around your face. Use circular motions, use soft strokes cupping your skin and contours of the face. Close your eyes and think of nothing but happy thoughts, soft skin and embrace this special time.

This is all about you, you are worth it

 And somehow the word ‘Essential’ springs to mind ……Pun intended !

Maureen Hayden

Experienced for 19 years in the Aesthetic & Beauty industry, Maureen has treated 1000’s of customers over the years and has gained an excellent reputation, knowledge and respect.
She wholeheartedly believes in offering her best at all times and her honesty ensures that the right treatment is recommended; complimented by a good home skin care regime echoed by 100% 5 star customer reviews. One of the most experienced Hydrafacialists in the West Midlands and known as the ‘Hydrafacial Queen’ her own testament to having clear skin and following a completely committed approach to skin health has been the talk of conversation. She really does practice what she preaches!
Ongoing training & qualifications over the years in various treatments and skin types ensure her industry standard is up to date, precise and safe.
She is pleased to offer her services independently at her Clinic in the Royal town of Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham. Maureen’s warm smile, professional but relaxed nature will ensure your experience is one to remember.

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