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The Safety in Beauty Campaign and Organisation, launched in 2013, The Campaign was created to protect those seeking and undergoing cosmetic and beauty procedures, by empowering safer and better-informed choices, and by giving the public a place to turn to if standards or services proved harmful.

There is very little regulation currently in the UK to oversee the beauty and aesthetic industry.

Everybody has the right to look and feel their best, but not at the cost of unscrupulous activities or individuals. Our campaign is working tirelessly to influence change, so that a safer, and more transparent industry can exist in the near future.

We have worked hard to give the public access to legal, emotional and physical support. There is currently no other resource in the UK, that can offer the public such a pathway, and we are proud to have created one. The campaign is supported by volunteers, all of whom are professionals in their fields of respective expertise, ranging from medical, psychological, and legal specialty.

We are proud to state that our organization is entirely self-funded; we do not rely on the public to sustain our work or endeavours. Our Campaign to date has received 6,000 complaints between 2014 and 2019, with lip injections and dermal fillers being a primary area of concern.

Complaints also covered a broad range of concerns, from unhygienic premises, fake machinery and devices, to substandard treatments, by under qualified individuals.

If you know somebody that has been a victim to any of these complaints, please do contact us, there is support,

We’d love to read your tweets about our work and efforts: @SafetyInBeauty, or you can join our facebook community, by clicking here

We also work closely with the press and media to raise awareness of the malpractice within the beauty and aesthetic industry if you do have a story to share please contact us.

Stay safe…

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